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Electric Car Charging

IDA International is the first location in the State of CT to offer free electric car charging to the public.

Review the information below if you plan on taking advantage of this.


A NEMA 14-50 outlet serves 208volts, 40amps.

A NEMA 5-15 outlet serves 110volts, 15amps.

Cord or "Quickcharge"

There is no cord or adapter plug on site, only the accessible weather proof outlet.  It is expected that the operator has their own equipment to plug into the respective outlets available.


There is no charge, fee or permit to electric car owners to "fill-up" from our outlet.  Our Photo-Voltaic Solar array generates more electricity than we consume, and thus your electricity is "free".


The outlets are accessible 24/7.  Our company electric vehicle (Tesla Roadster) receives priority during workday hours (M-F 8-5), but we make accommodation for travelers who need to top-off.

Liability, Acceptability, Responsibility

If you are not a "Tenant" or "Employee" of the "Owner" of the property, you are a "Visitor".  Visitor's may only use these outlets for charging electric vehicles.  Visitor's are solely responsible for proper use of the outlet and any equipment plugged into it.  The Owner and Tenant make no claim on the suitability for the outlet to accept a specific plug or equipment.  The Owner and Tenant are not responsible and accept no liability for Visitor use of outlet.  Visitor use of outlet is at your own risk.

Charge Time

We are a manufacturing business in an industrial park.  While your vehicle charges, you can:

  • Dine at Apollo Pizza across the street from us.

  • Walk .5 mile east on Roosevelt Drive to downtown Derby's Riverwalk at Bridge Street, Derby, CT.

  • Walk 1.1 miles west on Roosevelt Drive (look for State Park sign on Lakeview Terrace) to enjoy the Kellogg Environmental Center and Osborne Homestead Museum at 500 Hawthorne Avenue, Derby, CT.  This venue is on the State of Connecticut's "Historic Gardens Trail", and the "Women's Heritage Trail".  (Note: its a free state park and gardens, donations are appreciated)

What we ask of the Visitor

Help us document that this is a worthwhile endeavor.  Email us a photo of you charging your car and become part of our gallery of users at the first free electric car charging location in the state of CT.




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