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Be the desired contractor in our field and region, a respected employer and company, and bring value to the client and company.

Achieving Vision 



Provide the customer with quality, timeliness, innovation, safety, integrity and value.

 Achieving Mission

Since early civilizations, structures have conveyed a message about their owners, occupants and purpose.  From ancient pyramids to modern skyscrapers, they are a physical display of personalities and vision.  Some of these images are so powerfully accomplished, that they remind us who designed them (Eiffel Tower) financed them (Rockefeller Center) or what they came to symbolize (Statue of Liberty)

With a heritage dating to 1979, IDA International Inc. has played a part in "Building the Image" by working with architects, property owners and tenants in the construction and development of numerous projects.  As an experienced ornamental metals contractor, IDA International Inc. has become the preferred contributor for numerous projects.

IDA International Inc. can be your complete service provider with an engineering staff for fabrication drawings and co-ordination, a fabrication shop utilizing the latest computer controlled equipment, and a field staff for final installation.

We offer highlights to view from some of our accomplishments.  Particulars on specific IDA projects are available upon request.  If you would like additional information about the company or a specific project, please contact us at 203.736.9249 extension 12, or email

We look forward to the opportunity to partnering with you in accomplishing our mission.





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