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It is our mission to provide the customer with Quality, Timeliness, Innovation, Safety, Integrity and Value.


Quality is not a cost, it is an investment to deliver a product without defects by controlling its production with standards and inspection.  Quality is more than a program, it is a culture.


Timeliness is a schedule agreed to and understood by both the company and the customer that prevents dissatisfaction, brings awareness, and fosters co-operation.  Certain components, procedures, and processes require lead times for completion.  Customers will be made aware of these parameters so that a schedule can mutually be maintained.


Innovation moves the company forward with new techniques, processes and procedures that will make our products better, and our company stronger.


Safety requires training and vigilant observation for potential hazards, and the knowledge of how to address them.  A safe workplace provides an intangible comfort in a worker's knowledge of diminished risk of injury and a tangible value of saved insured insurance costs.  Safety is more than a rule, it is a way of life.


Integrity is necessary to build the relationship of trust with our customers and vendors.


Returning value to the customer helps fulfill our vision of being the desired contractor in our market.


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