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Electricity from the Sun

The Company's facility has a photo-voltaic array on it's roof to generate electricity from the sun.  When our fabrication shop and office are operating, it contributes to the energy being consumed.  When we are closed (such as a Sunday), the panels are generating electricity and basically spinning the meter backwards.

Review IDA International's path to electricity savings with a pdf presentation
The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund approved contributing to a photo-voltaic array project at our Derby facility on Aug 14th 2008.
The solar contractor chosen to install the photo-voltaic array is The Solar Center, based in New Jersey.

Our Location

Our structure dates to the late 1800's.  Back then, manufacturing buildings were "solar oriented" to take advantage of the sun for daylight to enter the workplace through windows and skylights, thus our location is perfect to take full advantage of solar electric generation potential.  Degrees "true" is the "solar" or "geographic" compass reading which is adjusted 13degrees for magnetic declination correction factor (factor subtracted from a compass reading)

Our location is: Lat: 41.324845, Long: -73.098274

Our building compass reading is:223-226 (degrees "true")

Our building roof pitch is: 25 (degrees)

Solar Pathfinder Annual Average: 98%

How photo-voltaic works

The photo-voltaic array, is made up of 525 panels, with each panel containing individual photo-voltaic cells.  Learn how these solar cells work on the website of "How Stuff Works", and Ct Clean Energy Fund

Installation Progress

Installation occurred during Oct-Dec 2008, going "live" 2009/Mar/23

Visit this "solar label" subset of our company's blog to see updates on the progress toward full operation.

Operating Solar Array

Coming soon: real-time results of our PV solar array.



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